From carboard box to storage box

I have been on a mission these past years months and that is to get my house kind of organized. I know how difficult that is when we have little children, but it is also good for a mommy’s soul to have some kind of an organization in the house so things just do not pile up high along with the stress. I really did not want to spend a lot of money in buying storage boxes and containers at the store, so I came up with a solution. For the past several weeks I have been saving all the boxes I could get. Some include: cereal boxes, diaper boxes, and storage cardboard boxes of different sizes. I even saved up egg containers!! Who knows??? the possibilities are endless!! lol!
I went to Walmart and I got some burlap. I glued the box really well and I put the fabric on the floor. I rolled it around on all 4 sides to see how much fabric I needed.  Then I cut it. I spayed adhesive and I started gluing the fabric. Afterwards, I folded the excess fabric like wrapping a present,and I glued that.
I cut a square of fabric and glued that on the bottom. I thought I might as well do the inside! So I cut another piece of fabric and sprayed the adhesive and glued it on the inside. Then I glued a 12 by 12 inch scrapbook paper and glued it on the inside bottom. I decorated it with black ribbon and glued some stickers with my name on them. Ta da! DONE. One down, 1,000 to go!!


Final product!

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