Kitchen Inspiration

This is the first post of the new phase of The Greenly Cottage (formerly The Family Fun Spot). The time for closing contract and getting the keys to our new house was postponed so it will be next week instead. Meanwhile, I have been working on inspiration for the design. I started with the kitchen because it is the room of the house that needs the biggest makeover. Right now everything is a disaster, including the appliances.

We want to stay on budget and since we do not like to finance for remodeling, we will try to do our best and do most of the work ourselves. I know we will have to hire an electrician for some of the work, but for all the cosmetic and cabinet refacing we will do it ourselves.

If I had to name my design style, it would be something like “modern farmhouse with an eclectic cottage vibe” if that is a thing. I am not all 100% farmhouse or 100% cottage, and definitely not modern but I like to add and combine some modern elements with vintage pieces, especially if they have meaning for me or my family.

For the kitchen, I decided to go with a more farmhouse feel.  We will reface the cabinets and paint them white (Benjamin Moore cabinet primer and paint, AWAYS for me) and a different color for the island, some sort of dark gray. For the countertops, we decided we do not want to invest too much money on them at the moment since we need to buy appliances, and decided to go with the butcher block countertops.

Modern Farmhouse kitchen

For the decor, I plan to add farmhouse/cottage touches of green, blues and linen along with some metal and wood elements.

Farmhouse kitchen decor

I can’t wait to get started!

Here are the sources:
1. Sink

2. Countertops

3. Light

4. Balboa Mist

5.  Pergo Laminate Floor

6. Island source

7. Faucet

8. Shelves  

9. Cabinet

Decor: Farmhouse sign/ Wreath/ Pie sign/ cutting board/ wire basket plant/ metal decor/ towels/ runner/ glass canisters

Catching Up

Life has gotten really busy lately. Even though I am in the midst of project as always, a lot has been left undone. The kids are growing fast and it seems that this just goes so quickly that if I  get too preoccupied with things that are fun but not as important, I feel I will be missing so much of these short, busy years with them. A lot has happened in The Family Fun Spot Family.
First, if you are reader of this blog you know that I blog a lot about my home country of Uruguay. Well, this past month I became a United States citizen. I used to have conflicting feelings about this because I used to think that I was sort of betraying my country for doing this. After some “emotional work,” I realized that those thoughts were not true. I will probably live here for the rest of my life, and even though it is true that I was not born here, my family was. My husband, our wedding, the kids…all american. So I call Uruguay my home country and the U.S.A my “adoptive” country that I love so much. I love everything about America and I am proud to be an american citizen. I just wanted to share this with you. If you are unaware of the naturalization process, it requires passing a government, history and civics test and doing an oath.

Me and the hubby in the oath ceremony
We celebrated important milestones in our family.
Our middle son turned 8! He got baptized and became a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

(Got this free printable from Pinterest)
We had a luncheon at church with our friends. My son shared his baptism with another friend, a girl born only two weeks after him.

Cupcake toppers from Etsy (Tamy Ray Cards and Print)

We also had the Pinewood Derby. A little bittersweet since it was my oldest son’s last one and my younger son’s first one!
They got 2nd and 3rd place!
 My cute little princess had her dance recital
And many, many more things! We are also in the middle of planning our vacation. I am so excited about that! To top it off, we are switching the kids’ rooms so you know what that means…makeovers! Stay tuned for that. Each child will have his or her own bedroom. For now, feast you eyes upon the inspiration for the changes (and yes, they will not look EXACTLY like this but kind of similar (the thrifty way)
And for the boys something like this:
Stay tuned!